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The Italian Centre Shop shows many attributes as for how they are able to build on their strengths. This in the end helps a company to expand and grow further to improve their internal performance and as well by gaining more consumers (Kerin, et al., 2015). Firstly, the company’s main strength relies on the location of the different branches, being placed strategically so it is easier to bring in more consumers as well as being easily accessible for people around those areas. Two of the three locations in Edmonton are situated beside shopping centers, Southgate mall and West Edmonton mall, which in the West end is the most popular attraction of the city. The third branch is located in North Edmonton which is known for the heart of “Little Italy”(Spinelli, 2016). Secondly, the Italian Centre Shop sells a variety of merchandise and different cuisine from all around the world, the main place being Italy and others which include: Spain, Romania, Portugal, Ukraine and Poland (Spinelli, 2016). This helps to expand the company’s target market while still keeping …show more content…

For the Italian Centre Shop their hours consist of 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. seven days a week, and closed on Major holidays throughout the year (Spinelli, 2016). These hours compare to other grocery stores as they stay open 24/7. The hours of 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. prevent individuals to finish their grocery shopping as they tend to work later hours. Usually, a grocery store would open earlier as well, so this averts consumers from going earlier in the day to pick up the needed necessities. Another weakness, that is looked upon to be difficult of the Italian Centre Shops’ consumers, is the parking. Especially for branch located in North Edmonton, this is seen to be problematic as there is an abundance of traffic which can be extremely hard to navigate

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  • Explains that the italian centre shop builds on their strengths by selling merchandise and cuisine from all around the world. they maintain a strong presence on social media, such as twitter and facebook.
  • Compares the italian centre shop's hours to other grocery stores as they stay open 24/7. the lack of parking makes it difficult for consumers to navigate through.
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