Process of Making the Piece of Our Group Dance Essays

Process of Making the Piece of Our Group Dance Essays

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I absolutely loved making a video of my group and me dancing. I thought this choreography project was an ideal group project for our class to take on. Not only did I learn about a couple of things about my classmates, and myself I also learned about dance in general. Below, I am going to talk about what was our inspiration, what I thought was difficult, what I enjoyed about re-making our dance, and the process of making the piece.

My group and I found inspiration with the start of our location. Initially we were going to perform it in the auditorium. After we talked to the front desk, they said it was booked, so we had to go and find a new room. We eventually found an open hallway with rails on the walls. Our movement for the dance was generated based on what we felt from listening to the music we had in mind. So, the beginning of the song it was slow. All of us thought of using our resources by using the rail on the wall to symbolize a ballet studio. We performed some ballet movements in the beginning. Then as the song goes on, the beat picks up. We came up with an army theme....

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