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    process of selection, construction and have been encoded with different preferences dependent on what will appeal the audience more (Miller). This media be thetare, live performance or a dance all targets the public at mass who enjoys watching it. The dance that had been the first, was divided in two parts. The dance demonstrated, the intense exploitation of the female sex and the desires that have been provoken forecefully by those who exploit the female sex in an attempt to get more attention from

  • Dance: A Form Of Dance

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    Dance is a type of recreation that is great fun, exercise and sport. Dance is the movement of the body usually to rhythms or music. It is a form of expression and can even be considered a way of non verbal communication. What exactly dance is, depends on which culture you are speaking of. Dance can be competitive, ceremonial or even sensuous. But whatever you consider dance, all types had a beginning someplace, probably back in the time of the earliest humans. Back in 3300 BC artifacts have been

  • Dance Critique Of Dance

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    I am choosing to do my dance critique on the third dance, which is named “Ask and Tell”. This dance consisted of 2 male dancers along with two chairs as their props. They started dancing in the chair, using it as a platform to begin telling their story through dance. To begin, I can see that both the dancers displayed great posture, tall and erect when showing strength and hunched over when they are showing defeat. All the dance movements were in sync with one another; it was as if the two dancers

  • Dance Movement Therapy And Therapeutic Dance

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    DANCE MOVEMENT THERAPY AND THERAPEUTIC DANCE : Dance Movement Therapy and Therapeutic dance are two different words with extremely different meaning .On one hand Therapeutic dance is practiced by talented and highly skilled dance teachers who are not trained as therapists but work within institutions such as schools, prisons and so on and on the other hand DMT is practiced by Dance movement therapists who are highly trained and educable for the same . Both the concepts overlap giving rise to some

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    American Dance Theater. Born in Texas, Ailey faced intense racism and discrimination growing up. As a result he strove to created a multi-racial company where dancers were judged upon ability and not their race or background. This was groundbreaking since at the time racism led to limited opportunities for African American dancers. At 22 Ailey joined the Horton dance company where he would eventually become the artistic director after Horton’s passing. Ailey founded the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

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    that the pointe shoes and costumes that ballerinas wore were to restrictive. She began to dance in a way that seemed to be more natural to her. Her inspirations came from the movements of the tress, the ocean and other forms from nature. Her techniques included hopping, swaying, skipping and running. She felt these type of movements were natural and expressive. Also, the history of the Greeks inspired her to dance barefoot and wear tunics similar to those of Greek style. Isadora Duncan paved the way

  • Hip-Hop And Dance: The Success Of Dance

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    “If you dance with your heart, your body will follow” -Mia Michaels. The In every dance performance there are two things that must be present the dancers and music. When an audience sit to watch a dancer they are looking for an understanding through the dance, movement that analyze what a dancer is capable of doing. As a dancer for ten years and counting. I have done Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Hip-Hop and Gospel I have the opportunity to experience all and learn what makes an excellent dancer. For the

  • Dance Dance Revolution

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    the depths of Japan comes "Dance Dance Revolution", a highly active dancing video game. Playing this game is what makes it unique in a sense where instead of a normal handheld controller being used, it is played on a floor mat connected to the game console in order to actually provide an in home dancing experience. This game is currently gaining popularity in the states every day for many reasons including: the songs available to dance to, a high energy and high impact dance experience, and even a method

  • Modern Dance: The Different Forms Of Dance

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    though dance first originated back in the 20th century when dancer Isadora Duncan broke away from the strict rules of ballet to create her own more natural form of dance. Through time and experimentation, many genres of dance has surfaced - whether from oppression or for theatrical purposes, each one has captured the eyes of it 's audience. From flashy, sequined clothes to light and flowy dresses; each form of dance has it 's own representation. As well as representation, each genre of dance has powerful

  • Benefits Of Dance

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    Dance has been a natural movement form since the beginning of time. The origin of dance is unknown, just as the knowledge of the benefits of dance are unknown to many in our society. Many people do not enjoy to dance and also do not fully understand the positive benefits that come from dancing. Researchers such as Edwards, Duberg, and many more have found countless mental and emotional benefits of dance that originate from movement patterns, brain connections, and even expressions of emotion. Many

  • Dance Quotes

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    Dance Quotes "Dance isn't a form it's a way of life." ~anonymous "Dancers are the athletes of God." ~Albert Einstein "To tap or not to tap...silly question!!" ~anonymous "We dance for laughter, we dance for tears, we dance for madness, we dance for fears, we dance for hopes, we dance for screams, we are the dancers, we create the dreams." "Whatever you want to do, do it. There are only so many tomorrows" "Imagination is more important than knowledge" ~Albert Einstein "To dance

  • The Abhinaya Dance

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    In the Indian culture, the Abhinaya dance is a mime dance that is performed by combining dancing and acting. The Abhinaya dance is part of the full performance of the Natya Shastra. There are four types of Abhinaya in the Indian culture; Angika, Vachika, Aharya, and Sattwika. Angika means the use of the body to express meaning. For example, the Angika uses the major limbs in your body to perform the Abhinaya dance. Vachika means use of speech to show expression. An example of that is, the Abhinaya

  • Dance Anthropology

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    I love to dance and through google and wikipedia I discovered ethnochoreology. It is the study of “ethnic” dance in it's social and cultural context. One famous dancer and pioneer who inspires me greatly is Katherine Dunham. She was able to study dance and anthropology in college and developed dance anthropology. Dance Anthropology can also be referred to as Ethnochoreology where it studies why people dance and what it means within various cultures. Since dancing have originated it has been refined

  • The Importance Of Dance

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    always loved to dance. Dance is a very social activity that also requires physical strength and endurance. I always feel happier when I dance because it’s a great way to boost endorphins and lower stress levels. Dance has also enabled me to grow as a person both physically and emotionally. I have been dancing competitively for six years now. Throughout those years I have had amazing opportunities to meet so many inspiring people and make lifelong friends. One of my favorite parts of dance is definitely

  • Dance Analysis

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    Since the beginning of the semester, my dancing has improved greatly. I started off CP Dance One with absolutely no experience. Less than two months later I have chassés, pas de bourrées, pencil turns, and more under my belt! My confidence and willingness to try new things has also been ameliorated by dance class. In the first few weeks of class, I would shuffle over to the corner and not attempt a move because it looked too intimidating. Additionally, I learned that over-thinking a move and dwelling

  • Dance Monologue

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    tiaras, worn out nail clippers, pristine tutus, ripped, blood-stained tights, dirty canvas slippers, salty sweat, and tears: these are the coals of my heart and dancing is the flame. Five years ago, this fire had diminished; subsequently, quitting dance at the beginning of seventh grade, only to realize how much influence dancing has on my life. To put it differently, maybe it's an addiction, a necessity even, be that as it may, dancing is my passion. With this in mind, let's go back to the start

  • Dance Is The Art Of Dance

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    What Is Dance? “Dance is a powerful impulse, but the art of dance is that impulse channeled by skillful performers into something that becomes intensely expressive and that may delight spectators who feel no wish to dance themselves.”(Makrell). “Dance is all of your emotions put together into a single piece.”(Ard-O'Connor). “Dance is movement. Dance is picture making. Dance is storytelling. Dance is expression. Dance is emotional.”(Young). Above were a few quotes from dancers on what they think

  • Dance Injury

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    When I was in dance, I did it just for fun, about a three-hour class of four different types of dance-ballet, jazz, hip hop and tumbling too. I had friends who were also in competitive dance, so they would be putting in about the same amount of hours as these athletes in this study did. I knew that with dancing and with all sports really, you are putting

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    Dance A series of set of movements to music, either alone or with a partner. That is the definition of dancing. Dancing is a way to express one's feeling and to get active. Dance has been a part of human history since the earliest records of human life. Cave paintings found in Spain and France dating from 30,000 -10,000 BC. have vivid drawings of dancing figures in association with ritual illustrating the pesents of dance in early human society. Many people around the world see life as a dance

  • Jazz Dance

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    Afterreading the article on jazz dance, I had found out a number of interestingthings that I hadnt known before. I thought it was a dance form that wasfairly new, starting in the early 1900s. I then found out that it actually pre-dates all the way back to theseventeenth century. I also thought itcame from the United States, when it really originated in Africa and wasbrought here by the slaves. The dancingand drumming was such a part of their lives; it was eventually continued by theslaves on the