The History of Dance

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Dance, it is a big part of our world and it always has been. Dance is used to show something, really anything something that happened in history, something that would never really happen in real life. But in dance that does not matter because you show pictures and images with the movement of your body. People have always danced since the beginning of time to show what they are feeling.
In the beginning of the world there is not really any record of dance, there is no proof of dance. I do feel like they danced though. I think the nomads would dance in whatever free time they had. I just do not think that they knew that they were dancing. Because dance is such a huge part of history and the presence, I think they had to dance.
Dance developed in many different ways and all around the world. Some people would dance for certain reasons. Egyptians farmers would dance to give thanks for a good harvest. Women dancers would dance after almost every meal for entertainment. Men would dance at funerals; they would wear tall head dresses made out of reeds.
In ancient Egypt dance was a part...
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