The History of Dance

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Have you ever thought about the history of dance, or how long human life has known it? Dance has been here longer than we actually think. We can take dance back all the way to 600 BC to Now. Dance has made very big changes overtime. It went from doing it in honor for only the dead or religious situations to now just doing it for fun. The way or different moves have also changed over this big course in time. It ways and moves have changed, and the outfits used to perform these different types of dances. There has been clean and dirty dancing all along, some of things in those dances have stayed, others haven’t. Dance has been a very great thing and will stay being a great thing during human life because it expresses a lot. It expresses itself, and a person can express their feelings, in the different kind of moves. It does take time to get to know the moves but you can get through.
How was dance in 600 BC through 1 BC, and were the different types? “The Choros” was a dance that didn’t really involve movement but it had great meanings to the people and their Gods. Choros was a dance in which a group of people would dance in a circle by the temple virgins. In India this dance would involve hand movements. The temple virgin was the centerpiece of the developing Greek Theatre. This was done in honor of a God and usually held during the Games of Olympia. The God that the people during this time would dance to was Dionysus. He was the God of fertility and wine, females would dance to this in a state of frenzy. As they danced they would carry long phallic symbols known as Thyrsoi, they would tear it into pieces and devour the raw flesh of a sacrificial animal. With these practices the Dionysians also developed a more structures form of ...

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... emotionally or physically. Dance is a great way to express yourself when you are happy sad, excited, gloomy, or just to make yourself better. Dance did not start very clean or good, it had a mix of everything and it always will. So people who perform it make the best out of it and it becomes their passion. Always makes the best out of worst by dancing yourself in and out of it.

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