Essay on Presidential Election Is Right Around The Corner

Essay on Presidential Election Is Right Around The Corner

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As you know, the presidential election is right around the corner, and this one will be a sight to see.  Many people dislike both candidates, which are Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.  Instead of choosing one or the other, some people are deciding not to vote and I am hearing some people say "who cares, my vote doesn 't even count?"  This is not the way presidential elections should go, and most importantly, citizens in this country should never think that their voice doesn 't matter.  First of all, if you do not like those running for president in the two major parties, then vote THIRD PARTY.  Yes, history shows that only the two major parties win, but that is because third parties aren 't as popular, but if they were included in the debates, then maybe they would be.  I had some friends tell me that I shouldn 't vote third party because that is throwing away my vote, and counted as not voting at all.  They can believe what they want, but if you went out to a voting location and filled out the ballot, then you did your job as a citizen and voted.  People believe that third parties are a wasted vote, simply because they are unpopular, but I feel that if there was an election that could ever have a third party candidate get close to the two major parties, in amount of votes, it would be the 2016 election.  This is due to the fact that the faces of the two major parties are people that are causing a lot of conflict.  If you have the same feelings as my friends about third parties, it doesn 't mean you shouldn 't vote, it means you should analyze each candidate and see whose beliefs you match with best.  I think that the most important thing to do in this election is to put your feelings about the individual aside and concentrate o...

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...ting for many other important things, as well.  This election may not be the most popular, due to the nominees, but you still need to go out and vote.  The one duty we have as citizens of the United States is to vote, because it affects not only you, but your family and generations to come.  Please sit down and think about the election and your stances.  If need be, make a list and see who agrees with you on most issues and pick them on Tuesday, but please do not sit back and watch all of the action happen.  Get involved and be an active citizen.  Do not let anyone tell you that your voice does not matter, because it surely does!  If congress didn 't believe our voices mattered, then they wouldn 't have changed the way voting works all those years ago, they would have just kept it as the electoral college.  WE matter, YOU matter, YOUR vote matters....GO make a change!

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