Why We Should Abolish The Electoral College Essay

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The author of ‘Why We Should Abolish the Electoral College’ is a political science major. He explains why we should abolish the electoral college by explaining a candidate is allowed to choose a slate of electors who are able to make the real votes for President. He states that the Electoral College is made up of 538 electors. States are not given electoral votes based on just population but also by their representation in Congress. Therefore, each state has a minimum of 3 votes. The 3 votes comprise from each state including 2 senators and at least 1 representative. A candidate who achieves a majority of the votes, which is estimated to be 270 as of today, wins the Presidential election. One weakness in his argument however is he only states…show more content…
The author feels as if in the Electoral College that if electors were able to change the vote of the people living in the states that it does not seem to matter if someone were to voice their opinion or not, due to the outcome of how the elector of the state may take in order to cast their…show more content…
The author argues that without the use of an Electoral College that every vote by an American citizen would still create a big outcome in the election for a candidate. Instead of telling electors who citizens wished to cast their vote for, citizens would be able to really vote for the candidate in which they feel will be most effective for the country. The author believes that the Electoral College has soiled our elections and that we should make a better way in which we can make the elections more efficient and equal for each and every citizen in
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