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Throughout the semester, I have developed many skills and have greatly improved on my writing. At the beginning of the year, I had no clue how to format a paper in APA. I had only used MLA format before this year, so I was clueless. Also, I never knew how to correctly write an introduction. I did not know that an introduction needed to include a hook. I knew that it needed a thesis statement but I was never writing my thesis correctly, until this year. Finally, I never knew how to correctly include transitions.
The first skill I feel as if I have mastered is the skill of formatting in APA. I believe that I can now create my title page and set my paper up in APA format easily and in a matter of seconds. I know that with the title page you need
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I was never aware that a hook and a roadmap was needed in an introduction until this year. Now, a hook is the first thing I come up with when starting my essay. It is a key component in the introduction. It is critical to catch the attention of the readers, so I always make sure to include a rhetorical question, stat, or personal experience. By referring to my persuasive essay, you can see that I started the essay off by asking a series of rhetorical questions. In addition to including a hook, I now know how to correctly write a thesis statement. I know that the thesis is the “so what?” of the essay, and that it tells the readers what they are about to read about and why it is important. It also includes the roadmap of the essay, in the correct order of how they are going to be talked about. In my Classification/Division essay, my thesis informs the reader that if they recognize the different types of sports fans, they will be able to categorize themselves. Because of Comp 1, I now know how to correctly write an introduction…show more content…
On my first paper (development by example), I did not include any transitions, and when I put my paper into paper rater to check my grammar and spelling, I saw where it told me my transitions were very poor. I then had to go through and reread my whole essay multiple times. Also, I did not know very many transition words at the beginning of the year, therefore I have gained knowledge of many new transitional words. On the second (classification/division) and third essay (compare/contrast), I had to do the same thing as the first essay. I used Paper Rater to check for minor errors, and again saw that I had few transitions. I had to go through and include them. Conversely, by the fourth essay (persuasive), I could include transitional phrases very easily. I did not have to do it at the end, as I just added them in as I wrote my essay. Throughout this semester, I learned many new transition words and how to include them in my
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