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Writing is like showing magic tricks to me because the audiences don’t know what will happen. As a freshmen coming to college, something that I have to get used to that no one will inform me if I didn’t do my homework, or I skipped class. I didn’t expect much from any of my classes. In the beginning of the quarter my main goal for EWRT 211 is that I wanted to learn how to write better. Most of the essays I wrote in high school didn’t receive high scores. In EWRT 211 I learned many things, but the most important thing that I learned was how to write essays. Writing essays is not something that you can do in one day. You have to go through many steps to get the result that you want. For instance, in order to get a high score for your essay you shouldn’t write the essay the night before it is due. For example, before you start to write your essay you should plan out what is the main point…show more content…
Before I learned how to write an attention grabber I would start my essay like this “In this essay I will talk to you about why education is a big obstacle” (Dang 1). With that way most readers get bored really quickly because if they read that line over and over for every essays they get tired of it. With my new skill of writing attention grabber, I would write something like this “What is your biggest obstacle ?” (Dang 1). If I start my essay with a question to the reader, they will be more engaging into my essay because they see that I am not only care about my perspective but also theirs. Attention grabber is not only applied to essay but it is also in our daily life. Attention grabbers are like ice breakers, it is the first thing you say to people when you meet them. When I get someone 's attention they are likely wanting to hear what I have to say or what I have written. It is important to get their attention because if I didn’t readers will not care about what I
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