Essay about President Kennedy 's Inaugural Speech And Cochise

Essay about President Kennedy 's Inaugural Speech And Cochise

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For centuries war between tribes , gang and nations have destroyed more than a million lives and let the earth more often destroyed than it was before.however some leaders thru history refute the idea of war choose peace and find a common ground to solve their different issues .In that optic, President kennedy in his inaugural speech and Cochise in his text “iam alone” even thought they appear to be different because they were given in different context of history ,are actually in agreement . In fact Cochise “I’am alone “ analysis reveals the importance to maintain peace helps explain President Kennedy address in 1961 Better. The fact o, finally in the form they used pathos several times. After all , those speeches change the course of history and prove that sometimes it is better to go for peace then war .

In 1872 , Cochese the leader of the chiricahua apache at that times address “I’am alone” speech in order to protect his clan and persevere their right to the wich he and his ancestors had occupied .In order to have gain of cause cochese come to the white American asking for peace and a peace of land.Cohese himself writes “if .that if your great father will set aside a part of my own country where I and my little band can live , we will remain at peace with your people forever”(p.580).In other words Cochese look forward to negotiate and represent himself as a peacemaker .
likewise President John f Kennedy in 1961, to overcome his obstacles decide to go for peace at the first time. In fact as a newly elected president facing a cold war and a divided country after his win in the election President kennedy posed himself as someone ready to negotiate in peace for a better country and word.President kennedy em...

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...s and refers to the fundamentals values of freedom and his dedication to the survival of that value .

To sum up even thought there is almost a century between those two texts and they were given in two different contexts .Cochise speech “I’am alone” helps to understand better John F. Kennedy speech .In fact both text are a quest for peace. In order to convince their audience both leaders decide to pose as peacemaker, they called out the sense of duty of their audience and appeal considerable times to their emotions (pathos). Many decades after history proves the choices of President kennedy and Cochise to negotiate for peace was more effective . After all, why go to war when millions of live are engaged ? It is necessary to always fight for something in life , but let’s not fight to destroy each other but to make the planet better.Let’s just fight for peace .

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