Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt

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Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt are regarded as two of the greatest presidents that the United States of America has ever had. "Honest Abe" Lincoln is known for his part in abolishing slavery and reuniting the north with the south to end the Civil War. Lincoln began his presidency on March 4, 1861 and was murdered on April 15, 1865, (Compare Lincoln vs. Roosevelt) abruptly ending his term. "Teddy Roosevelt" was known as a valiant explorer and a great environmentalist. He became president in September 14, 1901 and left on March 4, 1909. Both of these men made great accomplishments throughout their presidential tenures that not only changed the United States but created ideas and values that this country was built upon. Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt were both great presidents but in different ways.

Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt were both effective peacemakers, but Lincoln focused on creating peace in America while Theodore Roosevelt focused on foreign countries. When Lincoln became president the northern and southern states erupted into conflict over issues such as states’ rights and slavery (“Causes of the Civil War”). As the North and South fought, Lincoln did not only fight to help the North win, but sought out to reunite the North and South while abolishing slavery at the same time. When the Civil War was won by the North Lincoln avoided any hatred towards the Southern people and encouraged the Northern people to accept them back with. In a conversation with a woman who believed that the Southerners should be “destroyed” Lincoln told the woman “...am I not destroying my enemies when I make friends of them?" (Lincoln Quote 10/19/07). Unfortunately, Lincoln never got his chance to oversee the reunion...

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...ocess of accepting African-Americans into American culture and lifestyle within the nation.

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