Essay on The Practice Of Female Genital Mutilation

Essay on The Practice Of Female Genital Mutilation

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Every human being should be entitled to freedom; even if it involves escaping from one’s cultural practices and/or beliefs in order to survive. For instance, “the practice of female genital mutilation (FGM), or female circumcision, is widespread in many African countries” (Burnor & Raley 68). A female genital mutilation is a procedure in which a woman’s clitoris is removed; this procedure diminishes the sexual pleasure in which a woman can experience during sexual intercourse (Burnor & Raley). Human beings have control of their bodies; therefore, women from different African countries have the right to choice rather or not they wish to undergo a female genital mutilation.
A female circumcision is a procedure that can be exceptionally painful; this procedure can be completed in a clean environment with the use of proper surgical instruments (Burnor & Raley). Nonetheless, this procedure can also be completed “by a relative with knives, razor blades, or even sharp rocks. Many women suffer infection, bleeding, and other complications. Some women die as a result of the procedure” (Burnor & Raley 69). In life, every living thing must be respected; for instance, Fauziya Kassindja was being forced to undergo a female genital mutilation in her home country—Togo. Being forced to undergo such procedure is morally wrong; especially since it is a painful procedure that can bring misery into one’s life.

(Question 1)
After analyzing Fauziya Kassindja’s situation, based on my perspective and understanding, Fauziya made the correct choice in fleeing from Togo and not accepting her country’s cultural practices. Escaping from one’s home country can be difficult for one to cope with. However, if one is being dishonored; such as ...

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...y 69). In life, forcing human beings to undergo unnecessary and morally wrong surgical procedures, such a female circumcision—defeats the life and its purpose. Life is often known to be the greatest gift of all; it allows human beings to chase their dreams and become successful individuals—both in their personal and professional life.
(Question 5)
A society’s cultural approval of FGM could make such practice morally right or the duty of women in that particular society. For instance, relativism refers to the following: “each society’s moral standard depends on what that society accepts as right” (Burnor & Raley 53). Therefore, the society, Togo, accepts the practice of female genital mutilation; however, it can be argued that the majority of the men that live in Togo are in favor of having their future wives undergo a female circumcision—the women are not.

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