Argumentative Essay On Female Circumcision

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Many question whether female circumcision (FGM, genital cutting, etc.) is a form of abuse, is it a humane and morally acceptable practice and how can we fix this horrendous practice? These assumptive thoughts are typically made through the eyes of outsiders, female circumcision is many things and must be looked at through such a lens. Despite, all of this female circumcision is still framed very commonly between these three views, female circumcision is abuse, is a result of patriarchal societies, and is a cultural and religious practice. The one question people ask themselves when thinking of female circumcision is, “is this a human rights issue?” and “how do we end this practice?”. The debate of whether female circumcision is mutilation and therefore abuse comes up right along with the topic of female circumcision. The fact that this act is…show more content…
The countries that still practice female circumcision have extremely high numbers of circumcised women, which tells you that it is a common occurrence ingrained in the people of these societies, and they see it as the norm. Even some cultures who find the practice barbaric at some point have practiced female circumcision. Graebaum points this out one page 60 of The Female Circumcision: An Anthropological Perspective, “Most Christians I know are shocked to think about female circumcision and cannot imagine believing God would want it. Most Jews consider only male circumcision to be commanded by God. Most theologians in the Islamic faith consider female circumcision to be completely unnecessary and argue it is contrary to true Islam. And yet followers of all three of these major monotheistic religions have at times practiced female circumcision and considered their practices sanctioned, or at least not prohibited, by

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