The Power Of Context By Malcolm Gladwell Essay

The Power Of Context By Malcolm Gladwell Essay

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Human nature is a consolidation of common characteristics, traits, feelings, and behavior that all humans share. Human nature is a very delicate because it can be easily manipulated by environmental, and cultural changes. In Malcolm Gladwell’s text, “The Power of Context”, he states that the environment has an affect on a person’s behavior, which is the way a person acts, and the environment alters more of a person’s behavior then he or she readily admits because the person’s character is unstable. The main idea that Gladwell is trying to convey is that how human nature is shaped and formed. One of the most compelling strategies Gladwell uses in his essay of human nature is the infectious disease formula he introduces. As a way to understand why humans behave the way they do, Gladwell suggests that environmental tipping points behave much in the same way that diseases do. By using this model, Gladwell is able to present an alternative way of understanding how cultural change occurs. By applying a traditional epidemiological model to a cultural one, Gladwell makes some groundbreaking claims about the nature of human freedom. Humans possess free will, and the ability to recognize errors in their environmental ambience. With some foresight and training then, humans have the potential to modify their environments in such a way that can enable them to perform to their utmost and highest potential.
Gladwell suggests that environment is responsible for much of human behavior, both good and bad. As Gladwell writes, “…most of us are really good at controlling our environment” (160). The significance of this declaration lay in its suggestion that if we as individuals can control our own environment, then we have the ability to control the ...

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...nd different from their behaviors, it becomes possible to make a truly unique argument against categorical oppression mired in class struggles such as racism, sexism, xenophobia, and any other source of social ignorance that recognizes individuals and groups as essentially tied to their genetic, conditioned, or ethnic inheritance. Through a lens such as the one Gladwell provides, it becomes possible to see how massive cultural change can shift by altering the smallest details in everyday life. A proposition such as this one makes it possible to see how the world can become a better place through leadership and persuasion. Humans are delicate and impressionable. In most cases, they would prefer to do the right thing; by creating environments in which they are encouraged to do so, humans will, in Gladwell’s view, undoubtedly choose the correct path.

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