Jeffrey Dahmer's Three Criminological Theories

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This paper explores three criminological theories as to why Jeffrey Dahmer committed his crimes. Although these approaches vary in terms of defining the cause of crime, one thing is certain, there is no single cause of crime; the crime is rooted in a diversity of causes and takes a variety of forms depending on the situation in which the crimes occur. However, the published articles vary in their definitions and uses of Criminological Theory. Rawlins (2005) suggest that the criminal phenomenon is too complex to be explained by a single theory. Other theories suggest differently and; therefore, have varying explanations. This paper examines the Psychological, Biochemical, and Social Process theories to slightly explain Jeffrey Dahmer’s actions.…show more content…
During Dahmer’s psychiatric evaluation, Dr. Wahlstrom concluded, “Jeffrey was suffering from a mental illness never cured for” (FBI 1992). This leads me to perceive that Dahmer must have been displaying psychotic traits that went unnoticed and undocumented during his early lifetime. I can only speculate that this uncured mental illness lead Dahmer to develop and refine his inability to empathize with society; which in turn, lead him to engage in cruelty without mentally comprehending the victim’s suffering. Although the causes for psychopathy are unclear, some suggest that psychogenic aspects can outline abnormalities which may be present in psychopaths (Schmalleger 2014). When looking at Dahmer’s distant relationship with his parents early on in his childhood, I became conscious of the fact the lack of affection from his parents which may have lead him to develop twisted views on how one should display affection to others, thus prompting him to show psychotic behavior later on in life (The profile of Jeffrey Dahmer 1996). Even though the letter of the law fails to describe Dahmer and even if he was not fit to stand trial, I believe the court would have declared him fit for trial due to the brutality of the…show more content…
Abram Hoffer found that disruptive children consumed far less the optimum levels of vitamin B3 and B6 than did nonproblem youths (as stated in Schmallger 2014). I then speculated if the injections that Dahmer received could have in fact counter acted the necessary vitamins for normal brain growth. Researchers also have concluded that low levels of serotonin are directly related to a person’s inability to control aggressive impulses (Schmallger 2014). Could these injections account for a mental instability in Dahmer? I believe that the injections could have attributed to his inability to associate with his classmates and teachers causing him not to develop key fundamental social practices to help him transition into a larger scale of society. “One Swedish study that focused on variations in blood serum levels of two thyroid hormones, triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (FT4), found that elevated T3 levels were related to alcoholism and criminality” (as stated in Schmallger 2014). Modern science has allowed researchers to look in depth at these discoveries that indicate relationships between Dahmer’s behavior and chemical imbalance; nevertheless, these extensive studies can only allow us to look into a small portion of the actual causes of his
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