Political Time And How One Can Determine The Legacy President Essay

Political Time And How One Can Determine The Legacy President Essay

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Stephen Skowronek writes about political time and how one can determine the legacy president will leave behind at the time their presidency is done. The president has immense powers when he comes to office but the challenges they each face vary depending on the time they take office. Skowronek analyzes and demonstrates that the most essential factor for a president to attempt to legitimize his actions and orders will be the actions of the president before him. According to the actions of George W. Bush is how we can determine where Barack Obama falls under and following the chain the next president. If Hillary Clinton were to win the 2016 election she would fall under the politics of articulation and Barack Obama would fall under the politics of pre-emption. Barack Obama is a pre-emptive president because he is opposed to the previous president’s regime and is resilient. Meaning that if Hillary Clinton were to win the 2016 election then she will be under articulation because she is coming into office with an affiliation with Barack Obama’s regime and resilient stablished commitments. Stephen Skowornek defines four types of presidencies: the politics of reconstruction, the politics of disjunction, the politics of articulation and the politics of pre-emption. These four categories fall under being affiliated or opposed to the previous regime and whether the previous stablished commitments were vulnerable or resilient. These four categories is what Skowronek calls political time.
Stephen Skowronek starts by explaining what political reconstruction is. Reconstruction falls under the new incoming president being vulnerable and opposed to the previous regime. The president that comes in this time is coming at the essential time of br...

... middle of paper ...

...is all determined by the previous president but Stephen Skowronek has provided us with a simple break-down of politics of disjunction, politics of reconstruction, politics of articulation and politics of preemption. These four categories can help a president determine where they are heading in terms of legacy. Barack Obama falls under politics of preemption, because he came in making new orders and establishing the regime while at the same time not really following the ideology and his political legitimacy is always in question. If Hillary Clinton were to win the 2016 election, she will fall under politics of articulation because she will be affiliated with Obama’s regime and resilient with the stablished commitments. Nonetheless, is up to her to determine whether she will fill the shoes of the former president or voluntarily withdrawal from a second term in office.

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