Compare And Contrast Theodore Roosevelt And Ronald Reagan

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The U.S. president is a person deemed to be the most fitting person to lead this country through thick and thin. It’s been such a successful method that it has led to 43 individual men being put in charge of running this country. However, this doesn’t mean that each one has been good or hasn’t had an issue they couldn’t resolve when in office. But no matter what, each one has left a very unique imprint on the history and evolution of this nation. However when two are compared against one another, some rather surprising similarities may be found. Even better, is what happens when two presidents are compared and they are from the same political party but separated by a large numbers of years between them. In doing this, not only do we see the difference between the two but the interesting evolution of political idea in one party. For instance, we can take a look a Theodore Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan. Both men were established members of the Republican Party. Now, both of these men took presidency in the 20th century. Theodore in 1901, and Ronald in 1981. So what happened in the 80 years that separated them? Well first, it is important to get a good look at their background information to help understand why each of them chose their style of leadership. Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt was an author, naturalist, outdoorsman, and politician. He was born in October of 1858 in New York City. Unfortunately for him, in his younger years he was plagued with medical problems, mostly severe asthma, which had a very harsh impact on his body and personality. This included extreme asthma attacks that had made him feel as if he was being smothered to death, even worse was that the doctors had no readily available cure for him. However, he pushed thr... ... middle of paper ... ...ed that we had the technology to develop satellites in space that would be able to shoot down any terrorist missile flying towards the U.S. Overall, his general style of foreign policies is extremely aggressive and even to some, way over the top. But if there is one thing to say about both men, that they equally accomplished even though both did it different ways and by different means, is that they worked with Congress flawlessly. Both had the undivided support of their Congress in their actions. Whether it be leading Conservatives supporting Reagan and his foreign policy or Roosevelt when it came down to making changes in policies to better the public, they had the full support of those behind them. Both men seemed to be extremely charismatic when it came to this. It was almost as if that instead of choosing their Cabinets, they had managed to pick their Congress.

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