Rhetorical Analysis Of Obama's Great Speech By Obama

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The president I am writing this essay about is Obama. Obama is the first black president of America. He gives great speech and perfect example. I will be talking about two famous speeches that he gave which one of them is Selma and the other one is the Grand park victory speech that he gave when he won the election.

What makes Obama give great speeches is because he uses a lot of rhetorical question. He uses them to make a significant comment about whatever speeches is giving. He put his feeling out there when he 's talking to the people. he tries to tell people that he is not only the president but somebody that they could trust. He tries too let them know that he’s trying as hard as he can to make America a better place.

Obama uses of repetitive rhetorical devices, ethos, and pathos helps him be an effective speaker because with the repetitive uses of rhetorical devices that’s what helps him and the public connect with each other. It gives the opportunity to the public to understand his view of point.

Obama uses multiple rhetorical devices that are centered around repetition because that is the only way he can make the public understand whatever he’s saying.

There are specific types of repetition in rhetoric. One type that Obama uses is called anaphora. Anaphora is (the repetition of a
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An example of Ethos in Grant park Victory Speech is when he said “ I would not be standing here tonight without the unyield support of my best friend for the last sixteen years, The rock of our family……..I miss them tonight, and know that my debt to them is beyond measure.” This example develop Ethos because he is talking about his personal life, he is letting the public know what does he lives look like. He tries to connect with them by sharing with them a little bit of his personal life what others president did not