The Policy Policies Of Obamacare Essay

The Policy Policies Of Obamacare Essay

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Obamacare has been a widely debated topic over the course of President Obama’s terms in office. Although Obama’s term is coming to an end, the policies of Obamacare will remain a hot topic of discussion due to its pros and cons for many different Americans. Due to the different viewpoints of many Americans, it is not an issue for a mere few individuals, rather a social problem that impacts every American’s life. Many Americans agree that not all of the policies implemented are fair to them, including the employer mandate, the minimum essential coverage, and the individual mandate. These policies may favor one group, yet have detrimental effects to another.
For example, the employer mandate states that all employers most provide health coverage for its employees if the business consists of fifty or more employees. One group, the employees, may argue that this policy is favorable because they are able to have healthcare provided to them. Large corporations that are economically stable and well-off should be able to provide its employees basic health needs. In a capitalistic society, this policy has the potential to keep large corporations in check to not take advantage of the working class. Although this seems like an ideal policy that benefits the employees who are unable to afford health insurance, it may not be an ideal policy for smaller businesses. Relative to large corporations, a business that has roughly fifty employees is quite small and is not necessarily economically stable. These businesses may be barely making profit, if any at all, and could be financially struggling due to the monopolizing nature or large corporations. For those employers, it is difficult to expend costs for providing health care to its employees with...

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...s wellbeing. Had the woman had been provided with contraception, she would not be burdened with a child and the child would grow up happy and healthy.
Obamacare was originally planned to solve the social problem of the lacking in healthcare security of a large portion of Americans. With Obamacare put into action, universal healthcare was not to be a problem. Although this was its initial intentions, Obamacare has become a social problem. With many opposing views on the different policies and aspects of Obamacare, Americans today have become more divergent from one another. Moreover, the government has gained distrust and lost security. With the distrust in government and opposing views of many citizens the system has caused, it would not be surprising to say that Obamacare, not only is a social problem itself, but is causing even larger issues that affect Americans.

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