Police Brutality Has Been Extremely Controversial Among The Citizens Of This Nation

Police Brutality Has Been Extremely Controversial Among The Citizens Of This Nation

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In today’s society, the topic of police brutality has been extremely controversial among the citizens of this nation. We have seen horrible cases where police have shot and killed young members of the community like Tamir Rice, all the way to incidents of mistaken identity such as the case when former tennis player, James Blake was tackled and slammed on the street due to the police mistaking him as the suspect to an investigation. According to The Eighth Edition of “Criminal Justice in America”, written by Cole, Smith, and Dejong, Police brutality is defined as “applications of force against individuals by police officers that violate either departmental policies or constitutional rights by exceeding the level of force permissible and necessary in a given situation.” The textbook also explains that police brutality can occur when the police use abusive language, excessive physical force, and violence in unreasonable circumstances as a method to subdue a suspect. Police brutality can occur in many different forms, thus making it difficult to positively identify in some instances.
Personally, I would define police brutality as the use of excessive actions towards suspected individuals which are wrongly applied in situations where the use of incredible force is unnecessary. I believe there are many forms in which police brutality or the excessive use of force can occur such as the unreasonable use of physical violence, verbal abuse, discrimination, intimidation, and even harassment. I have developed an understanding that police can use all the force they deem necessary in order to effectively detain the individual from harming both the officers and the public around them. However, police brutality occurs when officers begin ...

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...d and asked the robber to gamble for his own life. He could have completely avoided committing police brutality had he let the arriving authorities take proper care of the downed suspect.
Overall, police brutality can take on many forms and can occur in hundreds of different situations. Unfortunately, the line between using force in an ethical and unethical manner is very blurring allowing for several instances where police are forced to make split second decisions on exactly how to subdue a suspect. On occasion, officers may act in an unprofessional and brutal way, however that is just one of the many challenges police officers must be able to overcome in the line of duty. Police brutality is an unfortunate act which is growing to be more prevalent among police officers serving today and needs to continually be addressed in police departments across our nation.

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