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Maria Lara COMM 150 11/12/14 Persuasive Speech Outline Attention Getter: Are all the officers who are intended to "Protect and Serve" really following through with that? Background and Audience Relevance: According to the Human Rights Watch 2012 report on Police Brutality and Accountability in the United States; police brutality has become one the most serious human rights violation. As citizens of the United States it is our duty to make sure that those with authority don 't take advantage of their power. Credibility: I believe I am credible to persuade you with this issue because as a citizen of this country myself I cannot idly sit by while the rights of others are disregarded by those who are meant to be our protectors. I have also researched many cases of police brutality and ways to prevent the issue. Thesis: By implementing Body cameras there will be more effective ways to monitor police activity the ability to protect civilians and law officials will greatly increase. Today I would like to share more with everyone the huge issue police brutality plays in our society and hopefully by the end of my speech you will want police officers to wear mandatory body cameras as well. Preview of Main Points: First I will discuss how police …show more content…

Police officers would be wearier of how they interact with citizens as well as avoid us of foul language. A 2013 New York Times article written by executive director of Law Enforcement against prohibition, Neill Franklin explains how officers will be more accountable for their actions and put at the same standards as regular citizens (Franklin). Citizen behavior would also greatly improve because a trust in police would most likely follow and more likely to seek police assistance when needed. Implementing body cams would make citizens feel like police officers are just as responsible for their actions as they

In this essay, the author

  • Argues that making it mandatory for police officers to wear body cams would improve both police and citizen behavior.
  • Opines that body cameras would be a great source of evidence in courtrooms. the police executive research forum 2013 research study found body cams were credible evidence for arrest and prosecution.
  • Explains the importance of implementing cameras for police officers to be held at the same standard of the law as regular citizens.
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