Police Brutality Case Study

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In today’s society, police officers are very cautious on how much force they can use on a suspect due to the police brutality going on right now. Police brutality is defined as the use of force exceeding what is necessary, many people argue that there should be new policies to determine how much force a police officer can use and also have laws that will convict officers who have killed people by using too much force, so that there is less incidents in the future. Most law enforcement agencies have policies that determine the use of force needed. The policies describe the escalating series of actions an officer can take to resolve a situation, first level is officer presence which means no force is used, and just the mere presence can reduce…show more content…
Second a collaborative agreement between the City, the FOP, and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and Cincinnati Black United Front (CBUF) as class representatives on behalf of Cincinnati’s black residents. These agreements were made so that the CPD had to change their policies on how much force they use and to change the way they interacted with the suspects. In time the CPD had reduced the incidents of excess use of force and had increase of people be satisfied with the CPD police…show more content…
In the article “what happens to police officers accused of murder” written by Demian Bulwa, he states that when officers do face trial jurors are reluctant to second guess officers, since officers describe the situations they deal with as “high stake”. In the article it also mentions the factors that pressure prosecutors to file charge against officers. These factors include intense scrutiny of the victims and their role in sparking the confrontations; and intensive media coverage and community response which usually involve protests that later on turn into
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