Importance Of Police Accountability

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The focus is on the issues of police accountability in modern society, and in particular why their accountability is more important than other professions. This is not surprising considering the amount of power and discretion police officers have, and the level of trust that the public holds with these civil servants. Police officers accountability is the biggest thing in their profession which has been an issue of concern they have to be accountable to the police department who want the officer to be an effective and responsible person, to people in the community who have best expectation from an officer and being accountable to themselves for their acts. An ordinary citizen of a country cannot obtain the powers that police officer’s have. …show more content…

In a rule of a law where democracy exists the independence and power of police should be authorized based on their accountability. Accountability that consists of holding police responsible for what they do as an organization or individuals by observing their policies and practices and the purpose for which they claim authority which should be justifiable. And checking to what extent would the police be feasible to the societies for their actions?

Policing basically is the job of dealing with society, if the officers would not be familiar to their job environment it would be very difficult for them to be answerable to their department, society or in from of courts if they are brought forward. It’s not just what happens with an individual person it is based on the whole bunch of community which is the responsibility of the police officers. Evaluation of police is done by people on basis of their performance, crime control(Weitzer & Tuch, 2005)If crime rates …show more content…

Walsh & Conway(2011) suggested standards of police should be to implement transparency be responsive and maintain professional, human rights. The black people and lower class people face this violence in form of deadly force and shootings. In the 2011 publication, Gabbidon, Higgins & Potter suggested police to be more corrupt, unfair , harsh and cruel against black people.The police needs to be accountable to its community and department but by doing these kind of acts they are felt to be unsafe in the smaller communities. The brutality lead to push the black people to slavery in many countries by enforcing racial discrimination on them. In the past brutality was done by police in situations of racial discrimination which is still going on at many places to preserve power of upper class white people and for political purposes. This practice of brutality has a strong effect on minority groups like the blacks. If it is observed in a legal context police brutality is an abuse in law enforcement where a police officer has an upper hand because of the uniform they are wearing and the firearms they use which cannot be used by an ordinary individual. Examples of police brutality can be taken from the United States of America where in reality the black people are being discriminated by violating

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