Examples Of Police Brutality And Racial Profiling

Police brutality and racial profiling dates back to the 1700’s in the United States(Rushing). Unfortunately, such treatment by police continues today when police are expected to hold the civic duty to protect and serve. Mistreatment by police is just the start in most cases, when citizens fight back it becomes “brutal”. Police brutality by definition means “The use of any force exceeding that reasonably to accomplish a lawful police purpose.” Police brutality can occur in many different ways with the most common being physical harm. Although that is a big problem, there are other cases of Police brutality that involve acts of false arrest, verbal abuse, sexual abuse, intimidation, etc. An act that can be seen as police brutality could be a criminal running from the cops and an officer shoots a victim with a taser. Many cases of physical harm are police using excessive force to contain and arrest any individual. Since many accounts of police brutality have been directed towards minorities, these cases turn into acts of racial profiling. Racial profiling is the use of race or ethnicity as grounds for suspecting someone of having committed an offense. Let 's say for example Trayvon Martin, a simple 17 year old black male walking home from a gas station was shot and killed by a neighborhood watch member. This being one of the many…show more content…
Seeing this makes me think what could be going through a police officer’s head when he sees this. Do police officers know how much they are actually feared? Mike Brown another out of the pool of so many, a victim of police brutality was the inspiration of the “hands up don 't shoot” protest. He was the inspiration because before he was shot by a white officer in Ferguson, MO when Mike Brown and Dorian Johnson were stopped by the cops the first thing Dorian saw Mike do was put his hands in the

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