Personal Statement On Corporate Development Within The Healthcare Industry

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“Ask yourself if what you’re doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow”. I feel that this quote effectively represents my personal journey towards achieving personal fulfillment through leading a purpose-driven life. This deep-seeded need for completion has led to me to be introspective and reflect over the course of my life and has ultimately fueled my desire to pursue a career in Corporate Strategy/Corporate Development within the healthcare industry. There are several reasons for this course of thought: One such reason is that I believe my experience as a business analyst will serve as solid foundation for corporate strategy in that the skill sets required to analyze and predict business trends are an essential step towards strategically setting the course for a business division or corporation – thus enabling for a natural transition. In addition, I have been passionate about healthcare for the majority of my life. My passion began with my aunt’s struggles with lupus, through my nephew’s challenges as a child with autism, my uncle’s life-threatening complications with hydrocephalus up until my mother’s recent triumph over cancer. I personally witnessed the real life issues faced by those afflicted by different illnesses first hand from insufficient access to proper medical care to the sometimes staggering costs of the treatments – which is what led me to specifically seek out experience in healthcare insurance. These experiences combined with the ever changing political climate in healthcare, the technological advances in bio-medical research and treatment and the aging us population has inevitably led me to deciding to play a strategic role in the future of the Healthcare Industry. Furthermore, I’d... ... middle of paper ... ...n MBA with a specialization in Business Analytics at Ohio University offers an advantage through tangible skills sets which highlight strong business fundamentals and the strategic thinking required within this ever changing business landscape. The Ohio University Curriculum, programs offered, and online convenience surpasses my expectations. I have found that a portion of the curriculum would act to further strengthen my current skill sets with regard to personal assessment, self-awareness, data methodologies, data optimization and management. While others courses such as Data Analysis for Decision Making and Strategic Leadership would undoubtedly act to gain new insight and transform me as a future strategic leader and entrepreneur. This will enable me not only to cultivate my current skill sets, but also to accelerate my potential with the workplace and beyond.

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