Personal Opinion Essay Regarding Abortion

Personal Opinion Essay Regarding Abortion

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The deliberate termination of a human pregnancy is called an abortion. Abortions are a widely debated subject throughout the world. In the United States, abortions are legal due to the Roe v. Wade law. Some would argue that abortions are ethnically and morally wrong, while others assert it is simply a woman’s choice. There are a number of legitimate reasons why a woman would choose to abort her unborn; financial status, age and health are just a few. With today’s technology and a certified doctor, this procedure is harmless to both the mother and her fetus. Abortions are viewed by many as dangerous and immoral acts of humanity against an unborn fetus. But in reality, abortions terminate a pregnancy that could result in a child being born into a family with inadequate finances, irresponsible parenting, and possible health problems. For these reasons, abortions offer a perfectly viable solution in situations that would otherwise result in children being raised under circumstances that are at best, not ideal, and at worst, harmful and potentially dangerous.
The lack of financial support is one of the top reasons why abortions occur. In recent studies, about 21% of abortions are caused by inadequate finances ( An abortion costs a mere $350 to $500 ( The average cost of raising a child until 18 years of age is $241,080 ( This large figure includes: housing, food, schooling, transportation, clothing, and healthcare. If the mother does not have these funds available, bringing a child into the world and not being able to financially support it is improbable. Most pregnancies are ended within the first trimester, because nine months of pregnancy and the delivery is a costly price of arou...

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...y of the day they are required to be at school. The lack of maturity creates un-needed hardship and stress for the time of their life they are supposed to enjoy the most. If an unintentional pregnancy occurs, problems in relationships may take place not only involving mates, but the current children as well. Abortion has become a safe, cost efficient and reliable option for mothers who are not ready for the proper caretaking of a child throughout its life. The abortion procedure is now safe for mothers due to the Roe v. Wade law that allows the termination of a pregnancy only during the ethical time period where a fetus will not feel pain. The mere cost of $350 to $500 dollars is not comparable to the emotional and financial stress that can be felt by not only the mother, but the child if the proper environment is not available for the upbringing of a growing fetus.

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