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There are many limitations valued when it comes to the right of abortion. The news media still outlines the pros and cons of anti-abortion rights in certain-states-to soon, the entire country. My perspectives on the issue of abortion have been entitled from it to never be banned among citizen’s rights. The reproduction of pregnancy has been emphasized heavily on a mother’s decision to abort their child, but the father of the child plays an active role since he considers to that particular title. Through this current issue, majority of the people against abortion do not seem to have an open mind to how much it primarily affects the decision of the mother amongst her own views of considering abortion.

In my freshman year of high school, I had taken an ROTC class. My instructor brought up in a discussion on opposing abortion or not. The students in my class disagreed with the right of abortion, while I quietly sat back and listened to their opposing views. They thought of abortion as murder, and considered that there are other alternatives to take other than that route. Later on, I remember my mother and I both agreed to abortion having its reasons to be considerable. That the reality of keeping a child is being able to financially support the baby, house-hold family issues that abide by certain morals by life’s standards, and the mother of the child may still being school, which leads to a stressful environment. Later on the discussion of abortion was brought up again when attending Bowie State in my health class. By watching a video, I learned how more people involved in a group called pro-life opposed abortion because it was looked at as a form of murder. I disagree because the baby isn’t fully born yet, and if aborting a chil...

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...point as well. The essay knows that before a woman is pregnant, that even being willing to have sex she is taking a chance. Health wise, society does not hold a concern to how abortion emotionally and physically damages a person, their only reasoning given to what causes their pain after abortion is guilt, which seems to be stereotypical. The case of Roe v. wade holds a logical point by being optional to consider abortion, and if so, will only be safely done through the first trimester of pregnancy to avoid, health issues. My perspective to oppose abortion is similarly relative on the analysis of health reasoning, but my views are also opinionated by the environment I grew upon by. Each abortion guideline is openly acceptable to live by, but the moral of the perspectives carries on what our society as a free citizen lies between: healthcare and freedom of speech.

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