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Personal Evolution Of The Media Essay

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The BBC acknowledges domineering power of computers that inevitably cause higher reliability of news production by machines in the future such as through compilation of football results and write ups on travel bulletins (BBC 2015b). Potential use of drones that enable enhanced aerial shots as a method of data gathering in future news is also likely (BBC 2015b) considering its increasing popularity use by amateur video photographers. As demand for video news increase (BBC 2015b; Mcnair et al. 2010) popularity of video-sharing websites such as Youtube, Vimeo, online news aggregators such as HuffingtonPost or online-based news channel Vice News which are rich with multimedia applications and circulation add more challenges to broadcast television news industry to compete. These evolvement are indications towards more open-sourced and non-linear news dynamics of the future (Alejandro 2010).

Journalistic evolution inadvertently result to shrinking workforce (Harding, 2014; Chamber & Steiner, 2010). News organisations are able to save its financial resources through multi-skilled employees while dismissing others (Harding 2014; Mølster 2010) as the industry concurrently move towards machine dependence. This move is inevitable across media platforms from print to broadcast television due to ongoing digitalisation and media convergence. Contemporary journalism introduces need for new forms of skills such as writing for different news platforms and media, picture editing, self-shooting, desktop video and audio editing, web encoding, blogging and achieve research (Lawford 2009). Broadcast television news organisations need to have up-to-date tools and machinery in news production while journalists must be technology savvy (Alejandro 2010)...

... middle of paper ... training provides professionalism and professionalism equals to autonomy (Golding & Elliot, 1979). Rapid and extensive development for global communication tools is a worrying situation to those currently in the journalistic profession (Chambers and Steiner 2010). Journalists need autonomy in current highly challenged journalistic environment more so than before. They need to be competent in their reported subjects especially for 24-hour news channels that have been much criticised over its lack of analytical reporting offering less data, fewer meaningful comparisons, less historical background and less context (Lewis & Cushion 2009). Only through in-depth knowledge of subject area would journalist able to be analytical and ask critical questions to suitable sources and consequentially resist infiltration of non-professionals as source-providers (Donsbach 2010).

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