Pablo Picasso, The, And My Personal Favorite Portrait Of Daniel Henry Kahnweiler

Pablo Picasso, The, And My Personal Favorite Portrait Of Daniel Henry Kahnweiler

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What would the world look like with out art? I don’t know, because we don’t have to find out. We are lucky to have brilliant artist who had the ability to shape the history of mankind. The most prolific of them all seemed to be Pablo Picasso.
Pablo Picasso is probably one of the most influential individuals in the art world to date, without some of his work; art today would have a completely different face. The passion he ingrained onto the canvas and in his artwork had the power to invoke emotions from audiences around the world. Picasso was responsible for artwork like “Guernica”, “The old guitarist”, “The blue room Picasso”, and my personal favorite “portrait of daniel-henry kahnweiler”, these are only a few examples but the list goes on.
Pablo Picasso was born October 25, 1881 in the city of Málaga, Spain and starting from an early age it seemed he was destined to go down in history of art. The story’s say his first words were lapis, meaning pencil, his dad took him out to draw birds on occasion and it was there he saw the potential in his son Pablo.
José Ruiz y Blasco, Picasso’s father, was also a well-known Spanish painter and a teacher of art and seeing his son had the gift, he immediately started training the young Picasso in the trade of art and he excelled rapidly. By the time Picasso reaches the age of 16 he had pretty much mastered classical art it its purity and went on to find his own style. Picasso moved to Paris with is best friend and fellow artist Carlos Casagemas.
At the time Paris was the Vegas or Amsterdam of the world an the two were living like there was no tomorrow, but it was here Casagemas fell in love with a young lady named Germaine Pichot but she did not love him. They had a good relationship, ...

... middle of paper ...

...such a strong bond with Picasso when he died she fell into a depression and four years following she commuted suicide because she could not image being apart from him any longer.
By the time of his death Picasso had left behind about 50,000, artworks comprised of paintings, sculptures, ceramics, drawings, thousands of prints, and rugs. Over the year his work will only rise in value as more and more people are exposed to the art and the art world. Pablo Picasso has gone down in the history books for his creative ability’s and has literally shaped the world around us with his art. Picasso did more then just art, he changed the world with something he loved to do. He may have been a womanizer, he may have been egocentric who on occasion may have done drugs to help his creative proses but he was also a visionary and his art will remind us of that tell the end of time.

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