Organizational Support For Leadership Development Initiatives Within My Organization

Organizational Support For Leadership Development Initiatives Within My Organization

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When examining the problem of organizational support for leadership development initiatives within my organization through the lens of the suggestions of Fullan (2011) and my peers, I am confident that the problem can be resolved. Even when comparing the “helping and hindering forces” (EDDC 618. 2015, p.1) associated with this problem, I have become even more confident that the positive forces outweigh those which lay in opposition to these programs. In particular, Fullan (2011) provides a number of propositions about how a change leader should act, including suggestions to use one’s brain and to be “indispensable”, (Fullan, 2012, p.112). These provided the most significant insight into how one might act when resolving my organization’s problem.
As has been discussed in previous assignments, my organization has experienced a lack of buy-in to many of the organizations initiatives by one of our business groups located I North Carolina. “This organization has been resistant to changes in our employee development curriculum known as “ The Six Pillars” program, which develops organizational soft skills while reinforcing the value that each individual brings to the organization”(Hand, 2015, para.3). Initially perceived as a lack of willingness on the part of the group’s leadership, I have now come to understand that the lack of buy in may be the result of a failure of the company’s executive team to communicate and demonstrate the importance these programs have for the organization.
In Fullan’s (2011) discussion regarding using ones brain, he emphasizes the need to allow individuals to experience as well as hear something stating that “We are more likely to learn from events that we actually experience, as opposed to passively ob...

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...levels of the North Carolina business group. “The extent to which people trust, support, respect, and feel comfortable with one another influences the way they work together”(Schmuck, Bell, & Bell, 2012, p.230).
As I examine the suggestions of Fullan (2011) and my peers in light of the forces that both help and hinder my organizational problem, it is clear that there are positive steps that may be taken toward resolution. While “things are never perfect” (Fullan, 2011, p.121), an effective leader must examine each situation to see where change is necessary and how he or she might influence it in a positive way. While the cultivation of “a growth mind set” and “high levels of confidence” are essential tasks of a change leader, I will influence my organization the most by using my brain, and being indispensible in the cultivation of the organizations future leaders.

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