The Importance Of Group Decision Making

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When an organization is looking for new creative ideas, they should ask their employees. The employees of the organization have an in depth look and are more understanding to the needs of the organization because it is where they work and are involved. Managers can call on a group of employees and together, they can come up with solutions for the organization. “Group decision making is a type of participatory process in which multiple individuals acting collectively, analyze problems or situations, consider and evaluate alternative courses of action, and select from among the alternatives a solution or solutions” (Group Decision Making, n.d.,para.1).
Group decision making has many benefits for the individuals involved and the organization itself. In order for group decision making to be efficient, it is important for a creative environment to exist. “Creativity is the mental and social process used to generate ideas, concepts and associations that lead to the exploration of new ideas (May, 2011, para.3). This allows each employee to explore ideas and feel comfortable to share them without fear of rejection.
In Yukl’s case, Mainline Food Service, Ralph made multiple mistakes when he presented the problem to the group. There are many ways to present a
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As soon as a subordinate would come up with an idea and voice it, Ralph would make it clear as to why he did not like it and would make arrogant comments that make the subordinates feel insecure with the ideas they came up with. This also hinders the whole process because now the other subordinates in the meeting are worried about openly expressing their ideas in front of Ralph. While Ralph had good intentions for this meeting, he is ruining it by dominating the meeting and making the subordinates uncomfortable. Ralph is limiting the effectiveness of the group by making them follow the one solution he thinks will
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