Organizational Leadership As A Leader Essay

Organizational Leadership As A Leader Essay

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Organizational leadership is the balance between what is optimal for the group, as well as, independent individuals ("Key Components of Organizational Leadership," 2015). From a personal viewpoint, it could be described as method in which manager’s foster people, no matter their title, to be a leader. This is because organizational leadership is both an art and science that unites both employees and organizations ("What is Organizational Leadership?," 2014) But who becomes defined as a leader? The following essay will discuss the 3 general factors that define a leader, which include the characteristics of the leader, the behavior or style of the leader, and the characteristics of the followers/situation.
First, the features of the leader can be described as the passion to become one or the ability to motive an individual or group towards the overall objective. For example, a leader can have physical and cognitive and psychological elements such as being good looking, very intelligent, or extroverted to name a few (Tolbert & Hall, 2009, p. 93). In any case, the leader must get the individuals to feel confident about him or her, convince them that they have the ability lead. But from a personal opinion, a leader can be both born and made, but in order to be a successful leader one must have a clear perception of who they are, what they know, and what they can actually do as without this deep understanding the option of being a successful leader is not optimistic. The second factor in the research that defines who becomes a leader is the leader’s style or behavior. This can be either task specific or interpersonal in nature. The leaders need to be cognizant that each person or group will require or want a particular type of leader...

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... or termination. All leaders should look at the business, situation, followers, and themselves as the style of leadership will vary accordingly. In my opinion, to be effective, implementing the style at the appropriate time and fashion will yield success.
In conclusion, the previous essay described the leadership styles I am most comfortable, which includes both participatory and situational. Additionally, the essay noted that both Donald Trump and Dwight Eisenhower utilized these components to generate success. Finally, the paper noted that the implantation of these two style into a firm such as Nabisco, would fit in harmoniously. The overall message is that a leader should look at the business, situation, followers, and themselves and adapt the style that is most appropriate in order to realize optimal success as there is not a one size fits all leadership style.

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