The Organizational Culture Of An Organization Essay examples

The Organizational Culture Of An Organization Essay examples

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The organization which will be discussed within this essay is John St. To give some background on this organization, John St headquarters are in Toronto, Ontario. The company was founded in 2001 and has around 100 employees. They provide numerous services such as advertising, social media, design services, strategic planning, account management, digital services, integrated production and studio services. On their website they follow the fact that they strive to make their clients brands “unignorable” .Throughout their website they list various different clients who are well known worldwide for example President’s choice, Tetley, Heinz, Winners, Shoppers Drug Mart, Mitsubishi Motors, Nutella and Maple Leaf just to name a few. The purpose of this outline is to gain insight into why studying the organizational culture of an organization can be useful. As well as explore the range of texts which were selected and why they were selected.
Studying organizational culture is important in various ways, as it looks at a groups behaviour whilst analyzing and assessing the way tasks are completed, the way employees interact with managers or the ways employees communicate with one another. Culture is made everyday in various organizations for example within a lecture, when the professor asks us to get into groups different groups that is culture being made as we are interacting with one another to complete a given task from an authority figure, in this case the professor. It is important to analyze organizational culture, one reason being for future job opportunities, this allows us to learn about the organization that one is applying for and learn about the culture for example some offices don 't have their own cubicles and therefore work ...

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...ecome informed about the organization, it would also be helpful if you watched people and interacted with them. The only issue that arises with this is, people begin to act different or change their mannerisms when they know they are being watched therefore it may not give off the true meaning of that organizations culture. However besides that, you are able to get insight of how employees act towards one another, the overall environment, the treatment of management and employees.
Overall, this outline has discussed the importance of understanding the organizations culture and through creating a textual analysis one can understand the culture within an organization in particular John St. The texts collected will be analyzed in further detail through the cultural analysis, therefore this outline is the first step in laying out the texts and how they will be used.

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