Business Culture Case Study

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Business culture is vital to creating a functioning business. Business culture is derived from the management style, the morale within the business and the values it represents. A study was done to investigate two businesses and their cultures. Stephan Chapman in his book Business Studies in Action defines business culture as the values, ideas, expectations and beliefs by members of the organisation. Two businesses, one at an international level and one at a local level will be investigated as to whether their business culture is appropriate for their industry. is a company that develops software for various technology companies. The business was elected as one of the best places to work in 2014, across its eight offices in six different countries.…show more content…
These values are strongly followed by all employees, including Alan, an engineer at the company, who believes that the motto ‘Open Company, no bullshit’ reflects the ability for employees to be open with each other and have trust. Michael, a team leader, had this statement to say in regards to the ‘Play, as a team’ at Atlassian, “This value highlights the willingness for us to relax once in a while. When working on projects we want our employees to enjoy what they are doing, in continuity”. A firm outline of values would assume this is the reason behind Atlassian success, however its Chief People Officer Jeff Diana says, “We have done such a good job of weaving our values to the business model, this allows for us to keep in front, and create the ‘coolest’ place to work”. Atlassian offer beer on tap, free lunches, pool table meetings, chill-out rooms and fight night Fridays, its obvious why Atlassian is such a desired company to work at. Mike Cannon-Brookes, co-founder of Atlassian outlined that "it is important to be attractive and fight for talent, once working, we do what it takes to nature and retain the staff
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