Organization Review: King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center

Organization Review: King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center

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World Health Report, (2000) noted that “health scheme is the inclusion of all the performances implemented in order to endorse, reinstate or maintain health” (p.5).
Globally, the organization of the health scheme varies. Furthermore, this system varies after a while due to the development and modification of the health scheme in order to put up new health status established within the restrictions of socio cultural and economic anticipation of population (Hunponu, 1995, p.15).
However, the system of health care in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has undergone chain of changes within a short while thereby responding to the requirement of the indigenes.
The provision of sound and qualitative health care needs for the indigenes of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia has always been the priority of the policy makers of the kingdom. Accordingly the kingdom of Saudi Arabia has gained with effort an astonishing success in the health care sector for the provision of health care services which includes the implementation and provision of free medical care for all the citizens of the kingdom. In addition to this, the supervision of all health care issues in all the clinics and hospitals which carter for the citizens is being carried out by the country’s Ministry of Health.
However, the country has numerous medical centres both private and government-owned within the country. Furtherance, to this with the diversity of both the private and governmental health sector within the kingdom there is various practices of administering the differential health sector and various policies governing them.
Accordingly, the aim of the various health organisations is the provision of qualitative health service to the citizens of the country and ...

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...his, Davidow & Malone, (1992); Goldman, Nagel & Preiss, (1995) noted that since a lot of organizations like King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre comprise a virtual organization, thereby making the number of redundancy in them not to be foreseeable.
Nevertheless, if replica responsibilities are implemented in geographically disseminated effective scenery by the members of an organization who do not contribute to each others' principles, or recognize the roles of one another and the responsibilities there is high tendency of redundancy in virtual organization which will cause difficulties. However with the implementation of all this laid down principles and the understanding of team work and value King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre has been able to rise and achieve the present standard, thus meeting the aim and goals of the organization.

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