Organic Food And Organic Foods Essay

Organic Food And Organic Foods Essay

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The word “organic” serves as a noun or as an adjective. The word “organic” - noun is not used so much. On the other hand, word “organic” as an adjective is the most familiar. The word itself supports other nouns and change their meaning and significance like: organic food or organic product, organic meat and so on. According to “The Free Dictionary”, word “organic” consist of seven different meaning that serve different field of study like: in biology, chemistry, medicine, science and agriculture and so on (Organic. 2016. In The Free Dictionary.Com. Retrieved January 30, 2016, from
In this paper, I would not focus on word “organic” by referring to science, chemistry or medicine, as most people including myself, don’t have the knowledge to elaborate with aptness about this specific areas. I will focus on word “organic’ which I will pertain to the food, as this topic is one of the most interesting, important and familiar subject for many people, as it affect all of us, while choosing the food we buy and eat every day.
The word “organic” is the origin of Latin and Greek and it refer to the “organ of the body or instrument” (Organic. 2016. In The Free Dictionary.Com. Retrieved January 30, 2016, from “Organic food” however refers literally to: “grow or made without the use of artificial chemicals, not using artificial chemicals, of relating to, or obtained from living things” (Organic. 2016. In Retrieved January 30, 2016, from In other words, the organic food is the one that grow or is produce without any use of antibiotics, chemicals, artificial addictive or preservatives. ...

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... is good for them. There is no confusion as what the consumers see as organic. Organic world dictate the same way as fashion industry our purchasing habits. The only problem is that producers try to gain on word “organic” by implying the word to the products that have no merits to be organic in result misleading consumers. I think that government should put stricter regulations on the producers and retails to tell the truth and stop using words to mislead the consumers and deform the true mining of “organic food”. We see lately changes to the labeling of the products in more detail but the full true depiction is still to come. To protect ourselves, I would recommend to read the labels carefully and check the origin where our food is coming from. Any knowledge of this facts will not influence our impulses to by just because we see the word organic almost everywhere.

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