Organic Food Case Study

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Palmer, Sharon, et al. “Affordable Organic$ For Every Budget." Environmental Nutrition 35.1
(2012): 3. Academic Search Premier. Web. 2 Nov. 2016. Palmer explains that the first important thing to do when you buy affordable organic food for every budget is prioritize what you think is important to you like, make your own personal preferences on what you want to. She mentions buying organic food when it’s in the season so it can have the best flavor while also making it more affordable as well. She also suggests to comparing different cost prices for different types of brands that sell organics to find the most affordable and economical price that suits you the best. She also includes to try to find organic coupons online or printed coupons in newspapers to get the best price or discounts. Another reason is to get organic whole foods it’s basically more affordable and less expensive to buy than prepared foods. I have learned from
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"Determinants of Consumer
Behavior Related to Organic Foods." Ambio 34.4 (2005): 352-9. ProQuest. Web. 2 Nov.
Shepherd explains that regular consumers and non-regular consumers have motives for purchasing such foods that they desire. A lot of consumers have different thoughts about organic food like some consumers are more interested if all the organic food that they are buying is going to taste good and are also wondering how long does it last while still keeping the food healthy and fresh. While other consumers don’t really see the difference in buying organic food just that it’s more expensive and seem better than conventional food. To be sure consumers attitudes and beliefs value on how they objective organic foods to how they want to. Intentionally it was an understanding of how consumers decisions on making a purchase of organic food was within on their desire beliefs, attitude, or on what they wanted to believe
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