Online And Mobile Programs For Employees And A Great Development Environment

Online And Mobile Programs For Employees And A Great Development Environment

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The overall company is well liked and admired, with the CEO receiving fantastic feedback as well as the employees. To support this, employees within Twitter have said, “Ready for IPO means good benefit + various projects + strong will for growth … People are awesome: we really care about each other … Fascinating food!” and, “Great food. Plenty of awesome people to collaborate with and learn from. Real sense of care of employees, and a great development environment” (Geekwire). These are only a few comments of the many fabricating the incredible care for employees and a great work environment. Everyone within Twitter collaborates enforcing people to care about concocting a flourishing company and not about their job titles.

Twitter provides an online and mobile program that allows it’s users to tweet about their life and interests, as well as get caught up with subjects that matter to them in a quick and sleek fashion.

Social- Twitter is used in essentially every social aspect, the amount of connectivity it gives to the mass public is unbelievable, with a huge amount of people using this application, (316 million monthly users) they are able to keep on innovating and advertising to create twitter into household name.
Accessible- This social networking app can be accessed from almost any computing device as long as internet is available. This enforces an urge on people to always be checking Twitter and always tweet with what they are doing or about things that interest them at all times of the day. This in return, allows the company to acquire more people and use Twitter if it is so accessible and easy to use.
Intuitive- Twitter can be used by almost anyone and is incredibly easy to understand. The application allows users to e...

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...etitor is also Tumblr, a website that allows users to also follow interests of other people as well as post interests of their own on a resemblance of a blog, which correlates with the overall idea of Twitter.

Yes, I feel that Twitter would be an exceptional place to be culturally wise as it has so many benefits and opportunities. In advance, it holds an initiative to live healthy lifestyles and to have a healthy, competitive atmosphere. To continue, Twitter has great ratings for their leadership values and work environments, which is exactly what I want in my future workplace. However, I would not work here in the aspect as I am not a computer programmer and that the technological profession is not the career choice I would place myself in. Ultimately, if I could have this environment, except translated into a business atmosphere, this would truly be my dream job.

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