Obama Care Is Not The Health Care System Essay

Obama Care Is Not The Health Care System Essay

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Obama care is not the health care system we need in the United States. For Obama care to work it actually hurts us hard working Americans. More taxes are taken from higher incomes to ensure that lower incomes can get health insurance. Obama care punishes hard working Americans by taking more taxes out to help Americans that do not work. Is it really fair for someone that works really hard for their money to have to take more out to help people that don’t want to work or don’t want better for themselves? The wealthier should have to help the less fornicate out if they are doing all that they can do and it is still not enough. However, it is not fair for people that are not even trying and get free health care off of the wealthier that are working hard for what they have. Obama care punishes people when it comes time to file taxes. When you file taxes you will be punished with a fee if you do not health insurance or health coverage. The issue with this is that people that just verily miss the federal poverty limit of 400% are hit the hardest. These are the people that don’t qualify for assistance but it is hard to afford health insurance. It’s not fair for someone who does not work that is making less than them to qualify for health assistance. This is hurting the low income workers that are trying because they couldn’t afford insurance and now have to pay a fine for not having it and still get no insurance. When someone that makes less than them that is not working very hard can qualify for free assistance is not fair to middle classes. Obama care can hurt younger individuals by requiring them to have health insurance. Younger people tend to be healthier and not need to use health insurance as much as an elderly perso...

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.... Obamacare requires you to get your insurance policy in the state that you live in. With Trumps plan he open it up to wherever you want to get it to make it more competitive so cost will drop when there is more competition. With Trumps plan when it comes to tax time you will not be penalized if you chose not to get health insurance. You will now be able to deduct the premium on your taxes if you do chose to get health insurance. Obamacare is unfair for middle to low class people that are working hard and can’t afford the high insurance cost but to not qualify for free benefits. With Trumps plan their will be a more competitive market so therefore prices will drop to where people can afford them. Obamacare really helps out the lower class but really hurts the middle class. This is why our country should have a system that is a competitive fee for service basis.

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