Essay about Nursing Theorists : Nursing Theories

Essay about Nursing Theorists : Nursing Theories

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Nursing Theorist Theoretical Framework (metaparadigm) Theory Summary Application to Nursing Practice

Benner, Patricia
Man: significant aspects make up a human being, conceptualized as the roles of the situation, body, personal concerns, and temporality.
Health: emphasis is placed on “the lived experience of being healthy and being ill”.
Environment: a person’s past, present, and future influences their current situation.
Nursing: care and study of the lived experience and relationship of 3 elements: health, illness, and disease. • Five levels of nursing experience from novice through expert are defined.
• Each increasing level builds on the previous and reflects a movement from the abstract to the concrete, from separate parts to the whole, and from observer to active participant. • Provides a framework that outlines the knowledge and skill required in the progression from novice to expert.
• Introduced the notion that nursing theory should not be based solely on research and academia but that the practice of nursing itself should have influence on nursing theory development.

Henderson, Virginia
Man: mind and body are inseparable and interrelated and are a sum of biopsychosocial needs.
Health: based on an individual’s ability to function independently based on the 14 components.
Environment: conditions must be provided/facilitated under which the individual can perform the 14 components independently.
Nursing: the nurse temporarily assists the individual who lacks the ability to satisfy 1 or more of the 14 components. • 14 components of nursing activities are defined based on human needs, including physiological, psychological, spiritual/moral, and sociological.
• Assisting the sick individual to ...

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...nursing care on patients and defined nursing as preserving patient behaviors at an optimum level for healing.
• Developed 4 goals of nursing to assist the patient:
1. Whose behavior is proportionate with social demands.
2. Who is able to modify his behavior to support biological imperatives.
3. Who is able to benefit to the fullest extent during illness from the knowledge and skill of physicians.
4. Whose behavior does not give evidence of unnecessary trauma as a result of illness.
(Wayne, 2014)

Abdella, Fay

Hall, Lydia

Current Nursing. (2013, September 9). Nursing theories: a companion to nursing theories and models. Retrieved from
Wayne, Gil. (2014, September 22). Dorothy E. Johnson’s behavioral system model. Nurseslabs. Retrieved from

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