Core Values In Nursing

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Within each individual are core values developed throughout life, and shaped by our personal families, cultures, traditions, and religions. Personal core values are vital because they show our beliefs regarding truth and our behavior toward others. My personal core values include integrity, empathy, and compassion. Throughout this paper, I will elaborate on my core values, give my personal beliefs of the components of the nursing metaparadigm, and the way my values and beliefs have affected my nursing care. Core Values Daily, nurses are trusted with the lives of human beings. Integrity, I feel is essential to nursing, because I believe that doing the right thing, even with others are not watching, is extremely important. In nursing, it…show more content…
The human being includes physical, mental, spiritual, and intellectual factors that are considered in the nursing profession. My view of each individual person has affected my practice in that I believe it is essential to view each person in a holistic approach, analyze, and assist in meeting basic physical needs. Because of this belief, it affects the way I practice in that I am careful to assess both physical and psychological states during all nurse-patient interactions. Health Health is a state of well being, allowing humans to care for themselves independently. Everyone’s health condition is different and every person has a different perception of health. My view of health has affected my nursing practice in that I believe nurses must be competent, understanding the varying degrees of health and advocating on behalf of the patients. I believe when people no longer have the ability to take care of themselves independently, nurses are educated to assess, develop a plan of care, implement the plan, and make changes in order to achieve optimum health for all humans. I continuously make an effort to understand each patient’s specific health condition while striving to provide optimum…show more content…
Environment can affect a person mentally, physically, spiritually, and socially. Factors that influence environment include location, religion, family, and cultural interactions. My view of the environment has affected my nursing care in that I believe it is important nurses be culturally competent of different cultural and religious practices because they provide clues about each persons well being. During my nursing practice, I make it a priority to provide my patients with a safe and welcoming

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