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Thinking about going into the nursing field? If so I hope you are the type of person who
is able to tolerate a lot. One of the major things nurses have a hard time dealing with is
children. When children come in with severe injuries or illnesses that tends to hit a soft
spot. That doesn't mean when older and elderly come in it's not important because every patient is important no matter the age. Old or young all are treated and cared for equally. If you are not a people person and have a short temper, this is not a career for you.
Being a nurse comes with a lot of responsibility. You need to be kind and able to
handle things the correct way. A job like this can be very stressful and tear jerking. If you are the type of person who is good at handling stressful situations and staying strong this is the perfect job for you. Becoming a nurse is a bit of work, but if it is what you really want as a career it shouldn't be a problem.

Focus and motivation are two main things you will need. Nursing is a serious job and
should always be taken seriously. You need to stay alert and pay attention at all times.
Anything could go wrong at any time. No matter how minor or severe, it only takes a matter of seconds and a life could be lost. Whether a nurse is in a hospital or home it should all still be taken sincerely. If you think nurses only work in hospitals you’re very wrong. There are various places a nurse can work. Somewhere around 60% work in hospitals, the other 40% are in nursing homes , schools, offices and community centers. Depending on how you want your workplace to be along with who you would like to work with. Some would rather work with old disabled people while others prefer helping mentally handicapped chi...

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...verage salary $95,000. Number two, Nurse Researcher. “They work as analysts for private companies or health policy nonprofits. They publish research studies based on data collected on specific pharmaceutical/medical/nursing product and practices.” A very important and helpful job, average salary $95,000. Last but not least number one, one of the top most important jobs to stay alert during. A certified registered nurse anaesthetist. “A certified registered nurse anaesthetist administers anesthesia to patients. They collaborate with surgeons, anesthesiologists, dentists, and podiatrists to safely administer anesthesia medications.” Average salary $135,000. There are many other types of specialties to choose from. Those were just the top 10 best paying I chose.

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