A Career in Nursing

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Nursing is defined as “as an application of scientific knowledge enhanced by artful practice in a socially responsible manner.” (Gregory 5). Nurses provide leadership as members of interdisciplinary teams, provide client centered care to promote health, prevent disease, and restore and maintain client integrity throughout the life span. (Krannich 71). This makes it one of the most interesting professions, in my opinion.

General Qualifications for becoming a nurse, according to Regina Ranburn, include: “Compassion, caring for others, selflessness, love for humanity, and desire to help others” (1). These qualities are vital to a career in nursing because most fields require direct patient care. Dealing with patients one-on-one every day requires compassion and caring for those who need healing. Selflessness meaning putting someone else’s needs above your own and that is exactly what nursing is all about. People put their trust in you to help them in a way they do not know how to do. Love for humanity and a desire to help others comes from having compassion and selflessness. All of the characteristics listed above go hand-in-hand to have a successful career.

Theresa Derringer, also a nurse at County General Hospital, replied that “patience, good assessment skills, a calm personality, and a ‘cast-iron stomach’ “are characteristics essential to those wanting to become a nurse (1). Patience and calmness are huge in nursing because there are many people you come in contact with during the day. Michael Gregory interviewed a nurse of ten years who said “Nurses complain…a lot!” (9). By this one nurse’s reply, it can be assumed that you will need an ample amount of patience. Also, working well with others shows good character quali...

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...mand every day, which makes it a great choice in finding a job. I have always loved medical shows and all things medical since I was a small child, which, I believe helped me determine my calling. I have always felt I should be a nurse since then because I loved helping others, especially when they were sick. Both nurses I interviewed in my research stated they felt a calling to nursing at a young age, as did I (Ranburn 2, Derringer 2). I feel the same calling and plan to pursue nursing in the future as the career of my choice.

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