Nurses Serve A Fundamental Role For Providing Excellent Health Care Essay

Nurses Serve A Fundamental Role For Providing Excellent Health Care Essay

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Nurses serve a fundamental role in providing excellent health care (Gerard, Owens & Oliver, 2016; Gupta, Agarwal & Khatri, 2016; Moneke & Umeh, 2013; Van Bogaert, van Heusden, Timmermans, & Franck, 2014). However, due to extended work hours, unsupportive managers, and unworkable patient loads, which are all part of the portrayal today’s nurses (Milazzo, 2014) has shown to have an impact on nurse outcomes, quality care, and patient safety (Van Bogaert, Timmermans, Weeks, van Heusden, Wouters & Franck, 2014). With consideration in the retention of nurses, nursing leaders must acknowledge staff’s work satisfaction as an important aspect in preserving the nursing workforce. Hence, a reduced workforce can ultimately have a significant impact in delivering safe patient’s care, not to mention increased costs and increased stress levels among the nursing staff (Hairr, Salisbury, Johannsson & Redfern-Vance, 2014; Moneke & Umeh, 2013; Roussel, 2013; Van Bogaert et al., 2014). Moreover, nurses tend to give their notice to hospitals because they no longer have the ability to provide the level of care they know patients are entitled to, in addition to feeling that their work is no longer valued (Roussel, 2013). Through a review of the literature, numerous articles reveal that job satisfaction is one of the most frequently deliberated topics in organizational behavior and of great concern among management and leaders globally (Cowden & Cummings, 2012; Chang, 2014; Gellatly, Cowden & Cummings, 2014; Hairr et al., 2014; Hellreigel & Slocum, 2011; Jahrami et al., 2011; Moneke & Umeh, 2013; Rani, Sharma, Sharma & Kumari, 2016; Van Bogaert et al., 2014). Therefore, several definitions of job satisfaction were discovered, one definition is “the f...

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...ease hospital volume and understaffing. Lack of staff development in critical care units. High patient to nurse ratios, especially on the weekends. Poor internal communication and a centralized structure of hospital administrations is perceived by the employees. The inability to attract and retain nursing staff are the one of the largest threats to the organization due to increase competition among other hospitals in the area. Economic strain will continue to remain a threat attributed to reduced reimbursement rates and more penalties. High rate of job dissatisfaction and burnout among staff is another identified threat with nurse’s intent to leave and take positions elsewhere. Identified opportunities would include obtaining Magnet designation in meeting clinical and nursing excellence and the development of a mentorship program and nursing residency programs.

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