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This literature review deals with self-scheduling and retention within the healthcare arena. Scheduling/ staffing has always been an ongoing process and issue involving retention. The connection of retention to self- scheduling reveals many times over that once nurses are satisfied with their schedule they can focus on improving care for their patients. Equally important, the satisfaction of knowing they are able to attend to their family needs and work life as well. Once job satisfaction is in place, a more productive and happier the staff/employee member becomes. In general benefits of job satisfaction covers scheduling, along with their morale and the organizations mission and vision. Empowerment promotes involvement and participation
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Overall self-rostering/scheduling improved empowerment, motivation, and scheduling effects of the organization in general (Manojlovich & Laschinger, 2007). Such a literature review evoked variables like ward size, demand either variability or demand in larger units verses the smaller units (Manojlovich & Laschinger, 2007). Scheduling is somewhat tedious not to mention time consuming (Manojlovich & Laschinger, 2007). Over the last decade or so the single manager “scheduling” has moved more toward participative process (self-scheduling) (Manojlovich & Laschinger, 2007). In this literature review involving the United Kingdom (UK) shows an increasing wake of self-scheduling within the health care setting (Manojlovich & Laschinger, 2007). Namely different approaches may be needed, depending on the area of the organization and the needs (Manojlovich & Laschinger, 2007). Critical to the UK health care system is the cost-effectiveness such as the quality, dependability, speed, flexibility, and of course cost (Manojlovich & Laschinger, 2007). A system where there is a balance of staff/employees and no strains are added to the existing staff/employees (Manojlovich & Laschinger, 2007). Without staff/employees domestic or social needs being considerate it adds to the dissatisfaction aspect of a staff/employees over all job…show more content…
Support of the organization increases the satisfaction potential of job satisfaction, morale, work-life balance, and professionalism as well as financial benefits (Koning, 2014). Self-scheduling allows nursing/nurses to reserve preferences of shift and/or hours in order to take much needed time for vacations, and family matters (Koning, 2014). In review this particular peer review it was noted that the reason for self-scheduling was revealed (Koning,

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