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It is clear, after reading the novel Tank Born that there are many aspects involved in the story that relate closely to the ideas and terms we have discussed thus far. In this final response, I will be critically analyzing the novel, and will bring forth certain aspects of the novel that can be brought back to our class discussions about race, gender, class, and body politics. In particular, I would like to focus on Kayla, and the struggles she went through as a young woman who was oppressed by the society in which she lived.

First, the topic of race is one of the first things that comes into play in this novel. With dark coloured skin being oppressed as well as very light coloured skin, it is safe to say that the most desired skin colour is a medium, tan brown colour. With that being said, the film depicts Kayla to be a dark brown coloured young woman, who is in the lowest rank possible. The caste system says that she is a GEN, which is short for a genetically engineered non-human, this means that she is the lowest rank possible. The world of Loka also has humans who are considered to be true-borns which are comprised of several ranks. The whole caste system seems to be based upon ranks of class and race, which I found very interesting about the novel. Kayla has hair that is frizzy, uncontrollable and ultimately looked down upon, and true-borns are found to have more straight, easily kept hair, this is another factor that plays a role in the differentiating between classes and races in the novel. A part of the novel that outlines this well is a part where the author mentions the things that make it clear if someone is of status. She writes, “Even without the white diamond glitter from the bali in his right ear, Kayla would have ...

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... Born, and I found that several of the topics involved in the novel were directly linked to the concepts, ideas and discussions brought forth in class and throughout the course. Overall, this dystopian world the Sanders creates for us is very interesting, and this aspect I enjoyed the most. I found that it was hard to relate to Mishalla because she seemed to be a secondary protagonist, which kept her on the back-burner for me. I am happy with the novel overall, though and am continuing on with the second in the series. I enjoyed making connections from the course and applying and contrasting them to the novel. Although Kayla, and Mishalla are significantly more powerless at the beginning, they work together to expose the truth and demand democracy for the GENs of Loka. A definite page-turner, in relation to aspects of being a girl, or young woman in a dystopian world.

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