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  • Caste

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    that immediately comes to mind is the caste system. The caste system was a significant part of Indians’ lives- one could even argue that their lives revolved around the caste system- and although it is now officially unenforceable, the system still exists as social stratification in India. The reasons are complex and many with regard to precisely how and why the caste system developed to be such a huge part of the people’s lives. In classical India, the caste system developed easily due to the existence

  • Caste System Of The Caste System

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    After the Spanish conquests, they developed the Caste System. This organized people and divided them into two categories, white and Indian. Based on this classification, the Spanish held the power and the Indians were their subjects. However, interracial marriages and the introduction of African Americans began to complicate and deteriorate the Caste System. By the eighteenth century, the original system of hierarchy was dissolving with the mulattos, pardos, and blacks all striving for social mobility

  • Caste System

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    India is a tremendous country with over 1.1 billion population. It has ethnic groups living together in a sizable land. Without an efficient system, the land would be separated into numerous nations. This surprising system is called the caste system. Caste system originally categorized people according to their occupations. However, it later classified people by their birth class. The only way to get into higher rank was to make merits by doing the jobs as good as possible. After the current life

  • Caste at Birth

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    Caste at Birth "Karma's a bitch!" Every time something goes wrong, my friend Alex uses the phrase to somehow justify the fact that it went wrong. For those that live in the United States and other Western countries, karma is an innocent word without much meaning. However, for Hindus in India, karma is a way of life as well as the caste system. Karma and caste determine who they marry, where they live, the job they can have and almost every other aspect of their lives. Karma and the caste

  • The Caste System

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    Caste system is declining, it is just confined to old aged illiterate people, it has nothing to do with religion, it is just a social problem, most of the people are against the caste system in the society, this system is going to be wiped out within ten years, say in 2020, there will be no or negligible caste related discrimination in the society. Those who talk about the caste system are perpetuating it, inciting and provocating it, this issue should not be discussed in social sphere. This system

  • The Tatyana-caste

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    The Tatyana-caste '...Just as the storm clouds often slay The scarcely breathing new born day.' 1 One of the most popular of Tennyson's poems, The Lady of Shalott relates the tragic story of an extremely lonely young lady longing for a soulmate. A poem of "technical virtuosity, inspired landscape-painting based on precise observation, and a dreamworld of artistic beauty denying the commonplace"2, "turning to beauty as a possibility of a more complete life"3, it is one of the highlights of

  • The Other Caste

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    The Other Caste For some professions the need for standardized higher education is obvious. We wouldn't want our doctors to have learned their craft by simply reading books and practicing on patients in their kitchens. Neither would we feel comfortable crossing a bridge or inhabiting a building designed by someone with a passionate interest in architectural engineering but who had not been subjected to rigorous testing of his or her own abilities. There are many professions, however, for which

  • The Caste System: The Social Theory Of The Caste System

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    For thousands of years, society has corralled themselves into groups of similar social status. This is the human caste system. At the bottom of the caste system lays the working lower class; at the middle of the system lays the middle class; above all else, lays the rich upper class. The system revolves around three fundamental properties in which each human being is categorized: power, knowledge, and the concept of “hidden rules.” Whomever has the most wealth, has the most power. This is the first

  • Caste versus Class

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    Social stratification can be found in every country, and in many different variations. The Indian caste system has often caught critique, despite its deeply embedded beliefs in Hindu culture. “The caste system penetrates the Hindu society to a level unknown elsewhere. It plays some part in other civilizations but in India it has invaded the whole. It is in this sense that we may speak of the caste system as a phenomenon peculiar to India” (Pocock 1974: 228). However, despite the criticism, the American

  • The Caste System of India

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    The caste system and the major advantages and disadvantages of it. Hindu philosophy and religion with customs and traditions are connected to the caste system as being deeply rooted in the society of India. Over 2800 documented castes break down into sub-castes with each having their own uniqueness and variety of rules. The hierarchy divides society with the highness or superiority and lowness or inferiority to set a defined rank structure. Each caste has set customs, traditional practices and