Race : The Power Of An Illusion

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Race: The Power of an Illusion was an interesting 3 part film. After watching this, it made me questioned if race was really an illusion or not. It is absolutely taboo to think that the one thing that separates people the most may be a myth in itself. “We can 't find any genetic markers that are in everybody of a particular race and in nobody of some other race. We can 't find any genetic markers that define race.” (Adelman and Herbes Sommers 2003). Racism is something created in the U.S made to create supremacy for the creator. Racism is not just the way someone thinks, it is something that has is manifested in our society to separate us and can be traced to our everyday activities. “Black, white and brown are merely skin colors. But we attach to them meanings and assumptions, even laws that create enduring social inequality.”(Adelman and Smith 2003). When I first heard this quote in this film, I was not surprised about it. Each human is unique compared to the other; however, we are group together based on uncontrollable physical characteristics. Eyes, hair texture, and skin tone became a way to separate who belongs where. Each group was labeled as having the same traits. African Americans were physically superior, Asians were the more intellectual race, and Indians were the advanced farmers. Certain races became superior to the next and society shaped their hierarchy on what genes you inherited. One quote that caught my attention was a statement in Episode 2. “We don 't realize that race is an idea that evolves over time, that it has a history, that it is constructed by society to further certain political and economic goals.” (Adelman and Strain 2003). I believe that being white gives you the upper hand on opportunities suc... ... middle of paper ... ...his race talk has to come with a large amount of bias. I believe that ethnic controversy has always been a means to separate us. I feel that way because people have made it the way it is. The United states in commonly referred to as a melting pot however, the darker your skin the further to the burner you fall. We cannot blame one country individually but the human race as a whole for creating something so depurating. The human race, collectively, has attempted to fix the race issue around the world multiple times but there are always counterparts who disagree or simply think they are the superiors. It is kind of disappointing to still see that this type of collective hatred still appears all over the world today. I do not think the issues will not die down anytime soon, especially after all of this time. I guess it is true what they say. History does repeat itself.

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