Racial Discrimination In ZZ Packer's 'Brownies'

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“Brownies” by ZZ Packers is a story told in first person, and it happens at Camp Crescendo. It is a story narrated by an African America girl by the name Laurel, nicknamed by other girls as Snot. She belongs to the Brownie Troop, and they are planning to rock horns with the Brownie Troop 909. It is good to note that Laurel’s troop is made up of black girls while Brown Troop 909 is made of all white girls. The two troops are rivals owed to their race. They hated one another from the time they first met, and the black girls said the white girls smelled “like Chihuahuas, Wet Chihuahuas” (Packer, 9). Throughout their stay in the camp, they engage in nasty things against each other owed to their hatred. In the story, people of different backgrounds …show more content…

Somehow, everything about the whites appear to elicit a reigning beauty that raises hatred and envy the black girls have against the white girls. Packer argues that even small thing like hair contributes to hostility. The fourth grade says; “their long, shampoo-commercial hair, straight as spaghetti from the box” (Packer, 16). These reinforcements are ingredients of prejudice that brings about racial discrimination. The black girls get jealous of the white girls’ hair, and this leads to discrimination against them. It is worth noting that the prejudices are handed down by the environment and society that people are brought up in. Arnetta, remembers a mall experience when she and her mother were being seen as if they were from China. They were being discriminated because of their race. The various treatments given to black people has played a vital role in intensifying the issue of prejudice, magnifying people’s sense of inferiority, and shaping the views of the black people on the white people. Arnetta says; “Even though I didn’t fight to fight, was afraid of fight, I felt I was part of the rest of the troop; like I was defending something” (Packer, 12). This is a clear indication that society has the power to influence youths. It depicts how society joins hands to fight for what they think is their right. Owed to the fact that this is a society. Everything and everyone is interlinked in a given way, making racism and prejudice hard to do away

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how "brownies" by zz packers is a story told in first-person, and it happens at camp crescendo.
  • Analyzes how packer presents the whites as people reinforced by the images they see in their daily life. the girls in the brown troop are naive about accepting the race differences.
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