Notes On Culture And Performance Essay

Notes On Culture And Performance Essay

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A good culture is an important factor in a successful business. If a company has a good culture, it can significantly affect not only the employee’s performance, but the performance of the company as a whole. Most companies these days already have a defined culture. For example, Wal-Mart’s culture is that they strive for excellence by having “everyday low prices.” They set their culture of excellence and then work as a team to achieve that. With FedEx, it is “quality driven management,” meaning that FedEx’s main focus is on conducting management that drives high quality. There are many different concepts/values of culture that will be discussed in this paper: individualism vs. collectivism, power distance, uncertainty and risk avoidance strategies, and achievement vs nurturing orientation.
Individualism vs. Collectivism
Individualism versus collectivism is the degree to which a society views self-interest of individuals (Schermerhorn, J. & Bachrach, D. 2015, p. 114). In an individualist culture, independence is valued. An employee or person is esteemed if they can show initiative and work well independently. Companies with an individualistic viewpoint value personal time. Employees have right to privacy and maintain their own opinions. For example, an employee could focus on bettering their career by taking graduate school classes on their down time to help them move up in the company and gain a promotion.
Conversely, collectivistic cultures expect people to identify and cooperate well in groups (Rutledge, 2011). Collectivist cultures believe that if individuals are loyal and compliant, then they will be protected. They also believe that direct confrontation should be avoided in most s...

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...ople tend to be more goal driven and competitive. Whereas, nurturing oriented people are more easy going, and enjoy working alongside other people (‘OB Mod 2a—Personality and Values’, 2014). Nurturing oriented people believe that having good relationships are key to a successful business.
In conclusion, culture is an important aspect of a company. By following its defined culture, a business can effectively set and meet their goals. While there are many different cultural aspects to companies, I believe a successful company should use little bit of each cultural viewpoint, if not all. More and more companies in America are starting to become a mix of cultural identities, and not solely relying on one. However, if you want to run a good business, you must always define your culture first. Once you define your culture, you can start building your mission.

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